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Freeman For Men

We wanted to make a cruiser bike for guys that spoke to them in a simple way. Thus, we created the Freeman, a fender-less beach cruiser bicycle that has a lightweight, sporty look. It's perfect for spring weather cruising and it saves on your wallet. The Freeman is comfortably priced at $389. Whether you're on a budget or looking for a simple beach cruiser bike you'll want a Freeman.

Spirit For Women

The Spirit is an elegant fender-less cruiser bike that has all the features of our Freeman. It's lightweight and sporty, perfect for spring weather cruising, and it saves on your wallet. Comfortably priced $389, the Spirit is an affordable stylish option for women.

Villy Custom has been a top-shelf provider of custom beach cruiser bicycles since 2009. From our humble beginnings on Mockingbird Ave to our assembly plant, Villy has been churning out the most gorgeously retro and crazy custom cruiser bikes for years. We’ve been featured in major media outlets, cruiser bicycle lifestyle blogs, and are famous for being survivors of ABC’s Shark Tank. With the help of our investors Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran, Villy Custom has started from humble beginnings to embark on a worldwide adventure selling beach cruiser bikes to people everywhere. And we’d love for you to come along for the ride.

What We Offer

Our bike selection is a diverse pool of color. We have a massive selection of great looking beach cruiser bikes to choose from — both men and women’s models. If you fancy a more custom bicycle, our bike builder allows you to customize every last part of the bike to make your Villy Custom uniquely you. Our accessories section is loaded to the brim with even more custom parts, and on top of that we even sell cool, stylish t-shirts. If you haven’t realized already, we truly are a cruiser brand for the unique individual. We’re the peoples beach cruiser bike and here to stay. We may be fairly new to the game but we have style. A style that’s worth a thousand spokes and we deliver that style with one of the best designed cruiser bikes to your doorstep.

History On Beach Cruisers

Although there is nothing new about cruiser bikes. They got their start as beach cruiser bikes in the early 1930’s and 40’s after World War One. Modeled after a motorcycle, the beach cruiser bike was made for a leisurely ride and was much more sturdy than most bicycles. However, they began to see a decline around the mid 1950’s. And when American manufacturer’s started importing models from Britain and other parts of Europe, the consumer became interested in British racers. American bicycle frames became lighter, tires became thinner, and cycling was becoming more of a sport and catered to the fast paced lives of Americans in the nineteen fifties. However, the beach cruiser saw a resurgence again in the 1990’s with the baby boomer generation. And here at Villy Custom, we want to continue the love for the beach cruiser by providing a quality product known for it’s comfort and style.
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